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. 09.07.2021

Anatoliy Shkriblyak: "Linden Luxury Residences is the next project implemented by Budhouse Group."

Linden Luxury Residences is an elite residential space in the government quarter of the capital. This is the next project being implemented by the developer - Budhouse Group. Commissioning of the house is scheduled for 2021.

Currently, work is underway to improve the sidewalk from the street. Krugluniversitetskaya, at the final stage is the installation of the facade, and finishing work is also in progress.

"The main idea of ​​our project was to create a special modern house in Kiev, in the best historical place, a real premium class. Linden Luxury Residences is located on st. Lutheran, in the most prestigious area of ​​the capital. Here, high levels of comfort and luxury are combined with new technologies. One wants to live in such a residence", - says Anatoliy Shkriblyak, founder and shareholder of the Budhouse Group.

Linden features spacious apartments with two, three or more bedrooms, service rooms, laundry facilities, studio apartments with panoramic windows and unique views of the city center. The design of the house's facade and interior design concept was developed by Kelly Hoppen, a British designer of "neutral luxury".

Linden Luxury Residences was recognized as the "Best Residential Complex of Luxury Class" according to the main All-Ukrainian Construction Award - iBUlLD-2019 and declared the "Best Residential Real Estate Project in Ukraine" in the national Real Estate Awards CP Awards 2020.
Anatoliy Shkriblyak's company Budhouse Group actively works with international financial institutions and attracts investments in new development projects in Ukraine. So, at the end of May, thanks to cooperation with the Polish state bank BGK, a new generation shopping center - Nikolsky, was opened in Kharkiv. The total investment in the project was 110 million euros.

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