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Kyiv. 12.07.2018

Budhouse Group. Results of the 1st half of 2018 year

The first half of 2018, compared to the first half of 2017, was less active: both in terms of growth in the turnover of enterprises of the group of companies and in terms of their attendance, although positive trends remained. The reasons for the decline in activity, compared with 2017, were sharp weather fluctuations, a late onset of the spring-summer season, a deterioration in the consumer sentiment index and a sharp rise in the dollar in early 2018. These factors were also reflected in the general situation with retail trade in the country. Its growth rates in January-June 2017 were higher than in the corresponding period of 2018. Nevertheless, Budhaus shopping centers retained positive growth and were replenished with new interesting tenants for this period.
In January-June 2018, the Budhouse Group shopping centers were visited by 12.7 million people, attendance remained stable compared with the corresponding period of 2017. Despite the lack of growth in the number of visitors, the trade turnover of shopping centers increased in January-June 2018 in national currency by 25.4%. The highest growth rates were observed in the shopping center Lyubava (27.5%). At the same time, the inflation rate in Ukraine for the corresponding period was 12.6% (January-June 2017, according to the State Statistics Service).
Vacancy and new tenants
In 2018, the average vacancy rate in the shopping centers of the Budhouse group of companies is about 0.3%. Nevertheless, a slight rotation of tenants was observed, associated with the expiration of certain contracts and transformations in shopping centers. The most significant changes occurred in the shopping center Forum Lviv, where instead of the visa center appeared two new large tenants Foxtrot and Megasport. In just 6 months, 19 new lease agreements with a total area of ​​4.4 thousand square meters were signed. The most significant new discoveries in shopping centers of the Budhaus group of companies were the appearance of Megasport and Foxtrot stores in the Forum Lviv shopping center, LC Waikiki in Factory, McDonalds and Citrus shopping centers in Lyubava shopping center.
During 2018, the company is actively building a premium-class residential building LINDEN LUXURY RESIDENSES, which is one of the most expensive houses in Kiev. Currently, the frame is 90% complete. In May, started selling residences.
In the Nikolsky shopping and entertainment center in Kharkov, unique light-transparent structures of the dome are 3200 square meters in size. m, were entered in the Book of Records of Ukraine. Today they are the largest in the country.
Under the construction project of the SEC Factory-2, in the city of Zaporozhye, permits are being collected to start construction work.


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