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Kyiv. 21.01.2019

Budhouse Group. The results of 2018.

The shopping centers of the Budhouse Group of Companies were visited by 27.3 million people in 2018, which is 2% more than in 2017. Thus, on average, about 650 visitors accounted for 1,000 square meters of rental space per day. On average, visitors come to BHG shopping centers 8 times a month and spend 89 minutes in one visit.
Mainly due to rising prices and the emergence of strong new tenants, the trade turnover of BHG shopping centers increased in 2018 in national currency by 23.3% and amounted to about 6.9 billion UAH. The largest increase in national currency was in the shopping center Lubava (29%). The average rental rate in 2018 in US dollars increased by 13.4%.
TEC Fabrica - finalist of the prestigious international competition ICSC Solal Marketing Awards 2018. SEC Forum Lviv ranks first in the category Best Medium Shopping Center according to Retail Development Business Awards 2018.
Maxim Gavryushin is a 2018 person of the year in development according to the Retail Development Business Awards 2018.
SEC Forum Lviv is the best average shopping center in Ukraine CP AWARDS 2018.
SEC Forum Lviv BREEM certificate, the first certified shopping center in Ukraine.
In 2018, the average vacancy rate at BHG shopping centers was about 0.3%. Nevertheless, a slight rotation of tenants was observed, associated with the expiration of certain contracts and transformations in shopping centers. In total, 56 new lease agreements with a total area of ​​7,213 square meters were signed. The most significant deals were the signing of lease agreements with Megasport and Foxtrot in the shopping center Forum Lviv, McDonald's and CCC in the shopping center Lubava. The opening of LC Waikiki in the SEC Factory is also important.
In 2018, BHG shopping centers traditionally paid a lot of attention to online promotion. The total number of contacts with users on different online resources amounted to 31.5 million times (coverage of posts in social networks, site visits, search requests, mobile application, etc.)
The total number of followers in the social networks of the objects of the group for the year amounted to 362.5 thousand people. Growth for the year was 27.5%. The largest increase was recorded in the Forum Lviv SEC (+ 37%). Publications of company’s object accounts reached an audience of 27 million people (-10%). The reduction in coverage against the background of the growth of follower groups in social networks is associated with changes in the policies and algorithms of FB and Instagram.
The activity of shopping centers websites also grew. In 2018, the group's sites produced 823.2 thousand sessions (an increase of 6% by 2017), of which 514.2 thousand were unique users. The number of search re of the company's shopping centers amounted to 426.7 thousand.
Last year, 458 various events took place in BHG shopping centers, 164 of which were large-scale ones aimed at increasing attendance. Birthday of the SEC, Black Friday, Halloween, Shopping day in the SEC Factory and others.

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