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Kherson. 25.01.2017

Fabrika. Results of 2016

One of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine “Fabrika” continues to operate successfully in Kherson. This complex is  one of the largest enterprises of the city, an example of successful investments in a difficult region. The project is actively involved in the life of the city and in fact the shopping and entertainment center itself has already become an integral part of city life. The team of the shopping center always takes a responsible approach to work, and at the end of 2016, it sums up the annual work of the TEC “Fabrika”.
In February 2016, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the TEC “Fabrika” officially entered the top five largest shopping centers in Ukraine. In August, the complex became the main socially significant object of Kherson according to the business-news.kiev.ua. And in December 2016, the “Fabrika” also received 2 awards from the Ukrainian Retailers Association (RAU) as the best large regional shopping center in Ukraine and as the most customer-oriented shopping and entertainment center in the country!
TEC “Fabrika” continues to show an increase in attendance. Despite the false mining, the attendance of the complex in 2016 increased by 10% and amounted to about 9.5 million people. About 1.3 million people were non-resident: residents of Kherson and Nikolaev regions and the Crimea. Since the opening more than 39 million people have already visited the TEC “Fabrika”! Speaking of economic indicators, due to the increased attendance of the complex, in 2016, the turnover increased by almost 30% compared with 2015.
In 2016, the mobile application “Fabrika” was launched. Now, customers of the shopping center can use the mobile phone to find out the latest news, find the right stores, to receive information about discounts and promotions.
In August 2016, Miracle Park and Extreme Park merged into one large children's entertainment center in one room of 3500 sq. m. Today it is one of the largest districts centers in Ukraine!
In the summer, the supermarket of home appliances “Comfy” pleased its visitors with a new store design and a fundamentally new organization of retail space. Shop “Foxtrot” moved from the 3rd line to the first.
In 2016, new tenants appeared in the TEC “Fabrika” that replenished the range of goods and services. Many of them have not been represented in the city before. For example, Goldi, the most dynamically developing Ukrainian manufacturer of inexpensive clothes, world famous brands Puma, Tom Taylor, Crocs, Sin Say, Diverse, Arena, Weekender and others.
In 2016, the TEC “Fabrika” just transferred more than 50 000 000 UAH of taxes to the local budget. The factory remains the largest operating facility in Kherson: more than 3000 people work here. In terms of wages, the shopping complex ranks second in the region.
In 2016, the “Fabrika” traditionally sponsored the main city events of the City Day and the rock festival “Krok y Maybutne”. In the autumn of 2016, the Be Closer program was launched as part of corporate social responsibility. It was attended by more than 3,000 orphans, displaced children and others.
In 2016, the “Fabrika” traditionally was a sponsor and co-organizer of the championship on ballroom dancing “Tavria dance”, Melpomene Tavria theater festival, beauty contest “Yuzhnaia Koroleva”. Throughout the year, an exhibition of competitive works of the design forum “ProDESING”, an exhibition of works by young artists from the Tavrian Lyceum of Arts, an exhibition of photographs “With  love for children”  by Miroslava Turygina was also held on the territory of the TEC.
In 2016 were held the traditional fashion events of the “Fabrika Fashion Weekend”. The guests of the event were able to see shows of current collections from shops and well-known clothing brands, as well as a presentation of the works of designers from the south of Ukraine. In September 2016, for the first time in the city, was held the night of closed shows “Secret Luxury Night”, a feature of which was the mystery of the project location. The red carpet, special photo zones, dim lights, fashionable music, paparazzi and the secular public, so everything corresponded to the name of this event.
In 2016, at the TEC “Fabrika” were held a record number of sporting events and tournaments, some of which are international. In total, there were 23 events in a year: basketball, streetball, crossfit (children and adults), taekwondo (different levels), athletics, cycling rally, street work -out, weight-lifting, bocce, figure skating, avtoslalom.
Thus, it is safe to say that the TEC “Fabrika” works for the benefit of the city and the region, developing numerous projects and a world-class high-quality retail in the south of Ukraine.

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