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Kherson. 15.01.2018

Fabrika. Results of 2017

The TEC “Fabrika” is one of the largest shopping centers not only in the South of Ukraine, but also in the country as a whole. Built in accordance with all the requirements for objects of the regional level, the shopping and entertainment center has long been a favorite leisure place for residents of the Kherson and Mykolaiv region. The year of 2017 was for the “Fabrika” a year of growth, new discoveries and awards. This article summarized the work of the shopping and entertainment center in 2017.
In April 2017, the SEC “Fabrika” was named the finalist of the prestigious international competition ICSC Solal Marketing Awards. In September, the mall received 2 awards from the Association of Retailers of Ukraine (RAU): 2nd place in the nomination of the Best Big TEC of Ukraine and 3rd place in the nomination of the Best TEC for corporate social responsibility.
The mall continues to show an increase in attendance. In 2017, the attendance of the shopping and entertainment center was about 9.5 million people. About 1.5 million people from this number were from other cities, mainly residents of the Kherson, Nikolaev regions and the Crimea. Since the opening, the factory has already been visited by more than 48 million people. On average, visitors come to the mall 78 times a month and spend 110 minutes in it. Almost every 11th resident of the city is in the “Fabrika” every day.
Due to the increase in attendance, the turnover of “Fabrika” enterprises increased in 2017 by 28.3% and amounted to about 2.5 billion hryvnia.
In 2017, a lot of new tenants appeared in the TEC “Fabrika” that replenished the range of goods and services. In August, in a new format on an area of ​​370 square meters opened “Allo” shop. In October, the jewelry supermarket “Ukrzoloto” began to work, on the windows of which products of more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign brands are presented. In December 2017, the “Citrus” shop was opened with a unique format of a full-fledged Open Space. Also in 2017, VOVK, Pako Lorente, Top Shoes, Anabel Arto, MOYO, Dushka, Cheese Card, Fishki.ua, Mokko, Drunk Cherry, Pafos, Loft, Pіvden Optics, Justini, Queen set, Fireplaces and stoves, TTT, Darkwood and others were opened.
In 2017, the enterprises of the TEC “Fabrika” paid the local budget over UAH 60,000,000 taxes, which is 20% more than in 2016. The factory remains the largest active employer in Kherson, with more than 3,000 people employed.
In 2017, within the framework of the corporate social responsibility strategy, the Be Closer project continued its work. As part of the program, more than 3,500 orphans, displaced people and ATO participants took part in various cultural and entertainment events of the shopping center. In the autumn of 2017,  were organized four stages of the festival of children's creativity “I Maybutn Khersonschini”, which was attended by over 400 children from children's homes and boarding schools.
The year of 2017 was dedicated to the implementation of the strategy of promoting “Fabrika” on-line. As a result, the number of visits of the TEC`s site increased by 40%. The number of unique users of the site in 2017 amounted to 262 thousand people. The number of followers on Facebook has increased by 68%. Publications of the page on Facebook for the year reached users more than 2.8 million times. The number of subscribers on Instagram has increased by 85% and at the end of 2017 it is more than 25 thousand people.
In 2017, 2 large-scale dance events took place at the “Facbrika” : the regional modern dance tournament Good Vibes and the 4th International Ballroom Dance Festival “Tavria”. In the autumn of 2017, the Barista Championship of the southern region and the city coffee festival, as well as the restaurant forum “PRO Restaurant”, were held for the first time in Kherson in the TEC “Fabrika”. In November 2017, an exhibition of contemporary art, an “Art Center” at the Expocenter, was held at the mall. More than a hundred creative works were presented during the 7 days of the exhibition, as well as anyone could touch the art and try himself as a designer, artist, tattoo master, sculptor at work workshops.
In 2017, the traditional fashion event “Fabrika Fashion Weekend” was held in the TEC. The guests of the event were shown shows of current collections from shops and well-known clothing brands, as well as a presentation of the works of designers from the south of Ukraine. Also in February 2017, the 5th season of children's fashion week “Ukrainian Kids Fashion Week Spring 2017” was held at the mall.
During the year, a lot of celebrities visited the mall: singer Vadim Oleinik, Alekseev, rock bands Nuteki and Kutless, Ne Liudy, Theater Mask Show, Tanka & Volodya, Mozgi, Antitila, Tik, Liga smeha, Dzidzio, Tartak, Mamarika, Agon`, Ivan Navi, Artem Pivovarov, group Open Kids. Also for the first time, the first FMusicFest was held on the territory of karting restaurant Forsazh, headlined by the popular Ukrainian group Mozgi and DJ-duet from St. Petersburg Matisse Sadko.
In 2017, more than 25 sporting events and tournaments were held at the “Fabrika” mall, including: streetball, crossfit, taekwondo (various levels), bicycle rally, street work out, Ukrainian weight lifting cup, bocce, auto racing, a modern dance tournament, a sport ballroom dance festival, a martial arts festival, a regional final of the Red Bull Kart Fight 2017, a sport bowling championship of Ukraine, and many others.
During 2017, over 150 events and activities for children and adults took place at the “Fabrika” shopping mall, including: Christmas party, Valentine's Day, Maslenitsa, Job Fair, Mr. Ideal, Fabrika Cosplay Fest, Give a holiday to children, Fabrika summer shopping day, School Queen , Fabrika Fashion Weekend, Children's Day, Ice Cream Fest, Southern Queen, Knowledge Day, Halloween, Black Friday, St. Nicholas Day and many others.  Traditionally, a free puppet theater for children continues its work, during the year of 2017 there were more than 90 performances, which were visited by more than 22,000 visitors. In September 2017 was launched the Fabrika English Speaking Weekend project which everyone could visit on Sundays for free. For 2017, more than 20 exhibitions and fairs were held in the TEC “Fabrika”, including Hobby Boom, the cat exhibition, the Mother's Heart, the exhibition of modern art and others. Together with the travel agency “Sakvoyazh”, in 2017 the TEC “Fabrika” for three times were organized a draw of tickets for two to Spain, Turkey and Egypt. According to the results of 2017, we can say that the TEC “Fabrika” is not only a favorite place of city residents for leisure and shopping, but also the largest enterprise in the city, one of the main taxpayers to the local budget and a stimulator of small business development. Thanks to the work of the facility, which brings maximum benefit to people and the region, the city and the region acquire new opportunities and prospects.

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