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Kherson. 20.05.2019

The first shopping center in Ukraine can work from sun energy

In April 2019, the installation of a solar power station of 1.5 megawatts was completed on the roof of the Fabrika shopping center in Kherson. On the area of ​​80 thousand square meters almost 7,000 panels for generating electricity from solar energy were placed. This is the first experience in Ukraine, where solar energy can be used for the operation of a shopping center this size. The power of the solar power plant will be sufficient to provide 50% of the electricity needs of one of the largest shopping centers in Ukraine in the offseason (the total area is 82 thousand square meters).
The Fabrika shopping center does not consume natural gas and city water at all, moreover, it uses heat pumps for heating and cooling.
“Energy efficient technologies are a part of Budhouse strategy” - comments Maksim Gavryushin, operational director of development company Budhouse Group. The solutions that we use in the ТЕС Fabrika and other objects allow us to significantly save funds on the maintenance of the shopping center. It positively affects the operational payments of tenants. If you compare them with other similar objects, they are 2 and sometimes 3 times lower.
The shopping center Fabrika is located at the address: Kherson, st. Zalaegerszeg, 18, at the intersection of Berislavsky highway and st. Zalaegerszeg. The total area of ​​the mall Fabrika is 82 000 square meters. m, the rental of 65 500 square meters. Parking is designed for 2 500 cars.

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