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. 29.10.2020

Lush and Atlantic stores will open in the Nikolsky mall

Lease agreements were signed between the Nikolsky shopping center and retailers Lush and Atlantic. The total area of the new Lush cosmetics store will be 62 sq. m, the area of the Atlantic lingerie store is 39 sq. m.

Lush is an innovative brand of fresh handmade cosmetics. The creative creators of Lush believe that the ingredients for products (essential and vegetable oils, purees, juices and extracts of fruits, berries and vegetables) should be used at the peak of their freshness and concentrated with vitamins. Therefore, all the products of this brand have a short shelf life, and some of them are even recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, like fresh food.

Atlantic is a leading Polish lingerie brand. Creating fashionable lingerie, the company has been enjoying the constant trust of customers for over 25 years.
Today Atlantic is a trendy underwear and beach range for men and women. Atlantic designers offer collections based on current fashion trends and time-tested classics.


Nikolsky Shopping Center is located in the center of Kharkov, on the street. Pushkinskaya, 2.
The exit from the metro station will be on the ground floor of the complex. The total area of the shopping center is 106 thousand square meters. m, retail - 53 thousand sq. m. The parking is designed for 700 cars.

Nikolsky Shopping Center has set the National Record of Ukraine - "The largest structure in the form of a dome on the building". The main architect of the complex is TAM “AV Pashenko”. The concept and interior design was developed in cooperation with the international company Sonae Sierra.

The developer of the project is Budhouse Group.

Anatoliy Shkriblyak: "Linden Luxury Residences is the next project implemented by Budhouse Group."

. 09.07.2021

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DeFacto store opened in the Fabrika shopping center!

Kherson. 09.07.2021

The DeFacto store was opened in the Kherson shopping center Fabrika. The total area of ​​the new Turkish store is 870 sq. m.

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Nikolsky mall was opened in the center of Kharkiv

. 28.05.2021

On May 21 in the center of Kharkiv, on the street Pushkinskaya 2, was opened the Nikolsky mall.

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