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Kherson. 09.10.2019

Samsung Experience Store opens in Fabrika shopping center

The new format Samsung store has opened in the mall Fabrika. The total area of Samsung Experience Store is 80 square meters.

The store has special zones that reveal the functionality of smartphones, accessories, sports gadgets and tablets. This is done for the user to get the experience, allowing to assess the potential of the product before purchase. Special camera systems, “aquariums” for slow-motion shots, and “tubes” for shooting in the dark are just some of what can be found in the new Samsung brand store. The emphasis in the assortment is on gadgets, but the Experience Store also offers other products: TVs, speakers and branded accessories.
«So, when customers come to the store, they receive the highest quality advice. Our sellers are the brand ambassadors attend Samsung Academy on a monthly basis. They are having training for each product, at the same time they are studying and passing tests for product knowledge, – Samsung representatives say. – Our employees are the best in Ukraine in knowledge on Samsung equipment. Such specialists formed the basis of the staff of the monobrand store in the Fabrika shopping center.»

The mall "Fabrika" is located at: Kherson, st. Zalaegerszeg, 18, at the intersection of the Berislavsky highway and st. Zalaegerszeg. The total area of the Fabrika shopping center is 82,000 square meters, rental - 65,500 square meters. Ground parking is designed for 2,500 parking spaces.
The developer of the project is Budhouse Group.

Retailers Megasport and "Budynok Igrashok" will open their stores in the shopping center Nikolsky

. 02.07.2020

Retail operators Megasport and "Budynok Igrashok" signed a lease agreement with representatives of the Nikolsky shopping center.

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Brocard and M.A.C. stores will be open in Nikolsky shopping center

. 22.06.2020

Specialists of the Budhouse Group signed a lease agreement with representatives of cosmetic stores Brocard and M.A.C.

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An agreement was signed between the Nikolsky shopping center and the LC Waikiki

. 16.06.2020

Specialists of the Budhouse Group signed a lease agreement with representatives of the LC Waikiki network.

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