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. 14.07.2020

Signed an agreement between the shopping center Nikolsky and McDonald's

Specialists of the Budhouse Group signed a lease agreement with representatives of the McDonalds restaurant chain.
The total area of ​​the fast food restaurant will be 200 sq.m. It will be located on the 4th floor.

McDonalds in Ukraine is a leader among fast-food restaurants.
A new format will be opened in the Nikolsky shopping center: with self-service terminals, a new principle for the cash zone, where there will be a separation of orders and their receipt, service at the table - visitors do not need to wait for food at the checkout counter, restaurant employees serve customers directly to the table, and much more .
Today the network has 93 institutions in 20 cities of Ukraine. In 2019, 110 million customers tasted McDonalds food in Ukraine.
Nikolsky is located in the center of Kharkov, on the 2 Pushkinska str.
The total area of ​​the complex is 106 thousand square meters. m, trading - 53 thousand square meters. m
Recall that earlier agreements were signed with Silpo, Foxtrot, Multiplex, Lucky Strike, Smile Park and the Sport Life fitness club chain.

Nikolsky set the National Record of Ukraine - "The most construction at the dome for the dome on the week."
The main architect of the complex is TAM "A.V. Pashenko". The concept and interior design were developed in conjunction with the international company Sonae Sierra.
The opening of the shopping center Nikolsky is scheduled for March 2021. Project developer - Budhouse Group.

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