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. 11.02.2019

TEC "Lubava". The results of 2018.

“The best shopping center of Cherkasy”, “convenient location”, “the most fashionable and beautiful place”, “great amount of shops”, “interesting events” – such reviews can be read about the shopping center “Lubava” on the forums of the city and region. The shopping center team always takes an active part in the life of Cherkasy and today sums up the work in 2018, which was the anniversary for the TEC, since in April 2018 Lubava celebrated its 5th anniversary.
Due to the growth of the average check, the turnover of Lubava enterprises increased in 2018 by 29% and amounted to more than 1 billion UAH.
In 2018, the growth in attendance at the shopping center was minimal and amounted to just over 1%. As a result, the mall in 2018 was visited by 5.9 million, and since its opening 30.4 million people. On average, visitors come to the mall 11 times a month and spend 42 minutes in it.
In the spring of 2018, the food center of the shopping center changed significantly. Instead of 3 kitchens, one large tenant appeared at the food court - McDonald’s. This restaurant has become the second McDonald’s restaurant in Ukraine, which has opened in a new format. In addition, Cherkasy became the first non-million-plus city in Ukraine where McDonald’s opened its second restaurant.
In 2018, many new tenants appeared in the shopping center Lubava, which expanded the range of goods and services. At the beginning of the year, a store of gadgets and accessories “Citrus” was opened in the mall. At the end of May, McDonald’s fast-food restaurant began its work. In the summer, the tenant pool was replenished with Olko clothing store, Ukrainian designer’s store A.Tan, and Wonder multibrand store. In October, Zugo Home textile store began operating. And in December 2018, the shoe store of famous European brand CCC opened. In total for 2018, 12 new contracts were concluded for a total area of ​​1,100 square meters.
2018 was the year of advancement in social networks. The total number of followers in social networks was 56.8 thousand people. The number of subscribers on Instagram increased by 60% and by the end of 2018 was 16.7 thousand people. The number of followers on Facebook increased by 18%. Posts on Facebook and Instagram covered 3.8 million users during the year. The number of unique visitors of the site increased by 71%.
TEC Lubava continues to be one of the largest enterprises in the city, where more than 670 people work. For 2018, the enterprises of Lubava shopping center paid about 34.6 million UAH of taxes to the local budget.
As part of the corporate social responsibility strategy, TEC Lubava hosts children from the Malyatko orphanage. At the end of 2018, charity concerts in support of children in need of an urgent operation were held in the shopping center Lubava.
In the shopping center Lubava many interesting events took place in 2018. Among them, “The Talents contest”, beauty contests “Miss Independence”, “Snow Maiden of the year” and “Princess of winter”. In 2018, “The Power of the Nation” Festival, “Cosplay 2.0”, “Halloween”, “Christmas Eve”, “Valentine's Day”, “Maslenitsa”, “Job Fair”, “Summer shopping day”, “Children's Day”, “Knowledge Day”, “Black Friday”, “St. Nicholas Day” and many others were held.
In 2019, the shopping center will please the residents of Cherkasy with just more interesting discoveries, transformations and new records! Stay tuned!

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