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Kherson. 28.01.2019

Fabrika. The results of 2018.

TEC Fabrika remains the main trading center of the Kherson and Nikolaev regions, one of the largest shopping centers in Ukraine. Today in the Fabrika shopping center there is the widest choice of goods, entertainment and services in the southern region of Ukraine. Here are the shops of the world's leading brands operating in the Ukrainian market. In 2018, the Fabrika celebrated its 6th anniversary. In the seventh year of operation, the performance of the shopping center continues to grow. In April 2017, the SEC Factory was named the winner of the prestigious international competition ICSC Solal Marketing Awards. This article summarized the work of the shopping center in 2018.
Due to the growth of the average check, the turnover of the Factory’s enterprises increased in 2018 by 22.5% and amounted to about 2.9 billion UAH.
In 2018, the attendance growth of the shopping center was minimal, less than 1%. As a result, 9.4 million people visited the mall in 2018. About 1.5 million people from this number were from other cities, mainly residents of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Since the opening, Fabrika has already been visited by more than 57 million people. On average, visitors come to the mall 6-7 times a month and spend 112 minutes in it. Almost every 11th resident of the city is in the Fabrika every day.
In 2018, new large tenants appeared in the SEC Factory, replenishing the range of goods and services. In the spring of 2018, the brand LC Waikiki (1300 square meters) appeared in the TEC Fabrika. In August 2018 on an area of ​​300 square meters USUPSO store opened in the format of a large island. In 2018, the following new stores were opened: Intimissimi, Calzedonia, Wittchen, LTB, Aquarelle, Secunda, Monpasye, Craft burger, Week, Zolota kraina, Cactus, Butlers, Huawei, etc. In total, 36 new tenants appeared in the TEC total area of ​​2300 sq.m.
In 2018, the enterprises of the TEC Fabrika paid only to the local budget over UAH 100 million of taxes. The mall remains the largest operating facility in Kherson, with more than 3,000 thousand people employed.
In 2018, within the framework of the corporate social responsibility strategy, the “Be Closer” program continued its work. As part of the program, more than 3,500 orphans, displaced people and participants of war conflict on the east of the Ukraine took part in various cultural and entertainment events of the shopping center. The SEC Fabrika also took part in the social project “I am Saint Nicholas”. In the autumn of 2018, the 4th stage of the Children's Creativity Festival “I am the future of Kherson region”, which was attended by more than 400 children from orphanages and boarding schools, took place in the TEC Fabrika. Moreover, project “Fabrika English Speaking Weekend” (free English lessons) started operating.
In December, another educational project appeared in the Fabrika shopping center, in cooperation with the Learning Center “Furor- free Polish lessons”.
In 2018, an interactive children's puppet theater continued its work in the TEC Fabrika (more than 100 performances which were visited by more than 25,000 people). In addition, the outgoing year was rich in dance events: Tournaments and festivals of sports and ballroom dancing, ballet and a large number of dance master classes for visitors. The culture of shopping at Kherson residents and city guests in 2018 developed the projects Fabrika Shopper Project, Fabrika Fashion Day and Kids Fashion Show. In the autumn in the TEC Fabrila there was an exhibition of felted products STORYLEFT of students of Design of KNTU.
Traditionally, a big concert took place on the birthday of the TEC Fabrika, headlined by the popular Ukrainian band The Hardkiss.
In 2018, the mall was visited by many celebrities, including DziDzio, Pierre Edel, Open Kids and others.
In 2018, more than 25 sporting events and tournaments took place at the Fabrika mall, including streetball, crossfit, taekwondo (various levels), bicycle rally, street work out, Thai boxing tournament, bocce, modern dance tournament, ballroom festival dance, martial arts festival, Dron Racing, Ukrainian sport bowling championship and many others.
In 2018, 231 events and activities for children and adults took place at the TEC Fabrika, including: FABRIKA COSPLAY FEST, FABRIKA ROTOR FEST, FABRIKA FASHION DAY, Birthday of Fabrika, Job Fair, Halloween, Black Friday, St. Nicholas Day, South Queen, Ice Cream Fest, Day of Knowledge, Discovery of a Fairy Tale Residence and many others. Over the past year, more than 20 exhibitions and fairs were held in the shopping center, including Hobby Boom, a cat exhibition, Mother's Heart, an exhibition of modern art and others.
Together with the travel agency “Sack”, Fabrika held a lottery of trip vouchers for the two people to Dubai, Turkey and Egypt.
According to the results of 2018, we can say with confidence that the TEC Fabrika is not only a favorite place for city residents for leisure and shopping, but also the largest enterprise in the city, one of the main taxpayers to the local budget and a small business development stimulator. Thanks to the work of the facility, which brings maximum benefit to people and the region, the city and the south of Ukraine acquire new opportunities and horizons.

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