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Kyiv. 30.01.2020


The development company Budhouse Group, which implemented in Ukraine the projects of the shopping malls Forum Lviv, Fabrika in Kherson and Lubava in Cherkassy, reported on the results of the work in 2019.

In 2019, the Budhouse Group’s shopping malls were visited by 27.6 million people, up 1% from 2018. The average number of visitors per 1,000 square meters of rent per day was 680. On average, visitors come to the shopping centers of Budhouse Group 8 times a month and spend 90 minutes per visit.


Compared to 2018, the growth rate of the turnover of shopping centers in hryvnia equivalent has significantly decreased. If in 2018 the average increase was 23.3%, then in 2019 - 12.8%. According to estimates, the main reason for the slowdown was: double elections, unsuccessful autumn-winter season due to record warm weather, as well as hryvnia strengthening, which led to a decrease in demand as a whole. The total turnover of the Budhouse Group shopping centers in 2019 amounted to about 7.8 billion hryvnias.

The largest increase in national currency was in the Lubava shopping center (19%). At the same time, the average rental rate in 2019 in US dollars increased by 19%, which is significantly higher than in 2018.

New tenants

In 2019, the average vacancy in the company's shopping centers was about 0.2%. Сompared to 2018 еhe rotation of tenants decreased and was associated with the expiration of certain contracts. In total, 40 new lease agreements with a total area of 3100 sq.m were signed during the year. (56 new contracts and more than 7000 sq. m in 2018). Large deals with an area of more than 300 square meters, were not signed for BHG shopping centers in 2019.


In 2019, the Budhouse Group shopping centers traditionally paid a lot of attention to online promotion. The total number of contacts with users on various online resources amounted to 36.3 million times (coverage of publications in social networks, website visits, search queries, mobile application etc).

The total number of followers in the social networks of the Group’s facilities for the year totaled 462,000. The growth for the year was 30%. The largest increase was recorded in the Lubava shopping center (+ 55%). Publications of company object accounts covered an audience of 34.1 million people (+ 26%). The accounts of the Forum Lviv and Fabrika Kherson shopping centers remain among the three largest in Ukraine in terms of the number of people.

The activity of shopping mall web-sites also increased. In 2019, more than 1 million sessions were made on the Group’s sites (an increase of 26% by 2018), of which 650,000 were unique users. The number of search queries of the company's facilities amounted to 533,000.


Last year, 498 different events took place at the Budhouse Group shopping centers, including large ones aimed at increasing attendance - about 170. The most significant events that attracted an additional stream to each of the malls in the amount of more than 5,000 people were the birthdays of the mall, Black Friday, Halloween, Shopping day and others.

Awards and prizes

Fabrika Mall became the finalist of the prestigious international competition ICSC Solal Marketing Awards 2019. Forum Lviv Mall took first place in the category “Best medium Shopping Center” according to the Retail & Development Business Awards 2019. Shopping and entertainment center Fabrika Kherson - first place in the nomination "Best large shopping center in cities with a population of less than 1 million people" according to the Retail & Development Business Awards 2019. Lubava Cherkasy Mall - second place in the nomination “Best small shopping center in cities with a population of less than 1 million people” according to the Retail & Development Business Awards 2019.


Budhouse is an investment and development group of companies founded in 2006. Specializes in the development, construction and management of real estate projects in Ukraine.

The group owns and manages a number of commercial, office, hotel and residential real estate in such cities as Kiev, Kherson, Cherkasy, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Lviv.

The portfolio of retail real estate projects, implemented by the Budhouse Grou, includes important objects for Ukraine: Fabrika shopping center in Kherson (GLA - 65,000 sq. m), Forum Lviv shopping center (GLA - 36,000 sq. m) and Lubava shopping mall in Cherkasy (GLA - 18,000 sq. M).

Under construction are the Nikolsky mall in Kharkiv with a total area of over 100,000 square meters and the shopping center Yessa in Odessa with an area of 60,000 square meters. Several more large shopping and entertainment centers are at the development stage: the Fabrika-2 shopping center in Zaporizhzhia (GLA 57,000 sq. m) and the Hartz shopping center in Kiev (GLA 96,000 sq. m).

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